Tax Services

Income tax services include an initial consultation, review of prior year's tax return, and a tax "interview" to assess what your needs will be and what will be required to complete your tax return.


Form 1040 and all related schedules, for individuals, self-employed individuals, and one member LLC's. 


Form 1065 and all related schedules for partnerships, two or more member LLC's, and LLP's. 


Form 1120 and all related schedules for all forms of corporations. 


Assadi CPA Services is an IRS-approved e-services provider. This means we can file most returns electronically, and, in most cases you don't have to mail anything to the IRS. Returns are transmitted and accepted by the IRS within 48 hours. This means if you get a refund, you'll get it back much faster than if you mail your return. 

Payroll Taxes

We offer services for the variety of payroll-related filings that need to be completed during the year and at year-end. Including;
Form 941/944 employment taxes
Form 940 unemployment taxes
W-2/W-3, 1099/1096. 

Other Taxes

Where you do business and what kind of business you have will determine what kind of state and local taxes you may be required to pay. These include;
Sales and Use Tax
Business and Occupation Tax
State Unemployment tax
Worker's Compensation
Property Taxes

Please take a look at our Resources page to find links to the IRS, state and local tax authorities and other resources and information.

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping services
Financial Statement preparation
Payroll services
Accounting Software setup and implementation- Quickbooks, et al 


Business Planning
Choosing a business entity
Setting up your business
Budgeting, projections, analysis, tax strategies
How to keep records for the IRS
Solutions for organizing your business and personal finances, create spreadsheet templates to track projects, income, expenses