Assadi CPA Services came into being as a result of my personal and professional experiences over the last twenty years. An unquenchable passion for music, coupled with my education and experience as an accountant, pointed me in a direction to support and work more closely with artistic

My accounting career has taken me from public accounting firms in New York to creative enterprises in Seattle, giving me a diverse range of experience. I recognized how my artistic side helped me to understand, communicate with, and provide more effective support to clients and employers. As a result, the company was born.

I have had the opportunity to work closely with some amazing people and enterprises. These include;

FarWorks, Inc., the licensing company for Gary Larson's, The Far Side
cartoon. One of America's most unique and hilarious cartoonists.

Wille Design, creative interior design firm of Robin Wille.

Hammerquist and Saffel, a creative ad agency. Clients included K2 skis,
Raleigh/Nishiki bikes, The North Face, Olin skis, Diadora America
athletic footwear, Mission Ridge Ski Resort, and Quickie Wheel Chair
(cutting edge titanium wheelchairs for athletes).

Chamber Music Madness, a non-profit organization that provides music
coaching and guidance to young string players.

Magbags, Inc., owned and run by Marnie Tregoning, an entrepreneur with
artistic flair, who designs a product line in the alternative health industry.

Gordon Assadi, CPA